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Zener diode General Information

Here are links to some of the most informative introductory articles on zener diodes available online:
Zener Diode - Wikipedia article introducing zener diode characteristics and their uses in voltage regulation.
What is a Zener Diode? - REUK.co.uk introductory article to zener diodes and their uses.
Zener Diodes - from All About Circuits.
How to Use Zener Diodes - from Elliott Sound Products

and here are some shorter articles which may also be of interest despite being rather limited:
What is a Zener Diode? - a summary of zener diode basics, and some simple zener diode circuits.
The Zener Effect and Zener Diodes.
Zener diodes? - from Avtech.
The zener diode

Buy Zener Diodes

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Zener Diode Datasheets

ON Semiconductor - Datasheets for hundreds of zener regulation diodes.

Zener Diode Voltage Regulators

Zener diodes are most commonly used to make simple voltage regulators as shown in the circuit diagram below. To use our zener diode voltage regulator calculator, enter the requested values below and click the Calculate button. The required value and minimum power rating of the resistor and zener diode will then be displayed.
A voltage regulator made using a zener diode and a resistor. Use this calculator to work out the values of zener diode and resistor required.
Max. Input Voltage (V)
Min. Input Voltage (V)
Desired Output Voltage (V)
Max. Load Current (mA)

Zener Diode
Zener Diode Voltage Regulator - from REUK.co.uk. Includes another voltage regulator calculator with an explanation of the underlying calculations.
Zener Diode Regulator - Explanation of how resistor and zener diode should be selected for a reliable voltage regulator.
Obtaining Lower Fixed Voltages - Basic explanation of using zener diodes in voltage regulators. Also includes information about the use of standard diodes, fixed regulators, and resistors in order to obtain a desired output voltage.

Zener Diode Lecture Videos

Here is a link to an excellent introductory university lecture entitled Zener Diode Characteristics from the Indian Institute of Technology of Madras, India. This video is 1 hour long:

Watch a lecture on Zener diode characterstics
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